Info about the dorms

  • Dorm 3
  • Dorm 7
  • Dorm 8
  • Dorm 9


Arrival to the dorms

Before your arrival in Lodz, you should contact your mentor and let him/her know the exact date, hour, and place of your arrival (bus or train station, the airport, etc.). Then, your mentor contacts the dorm to confirm your arrival - so if your flight is canceled or delayed - let him/her know! Normally, students are allowed to move to the dormitories 5 days before the beginning of the classes – so if the classes officially start on the 1st of October, you can move in on 26 th of September. If you are coming earlier, please get in touch with your mentor, who can contact the dorm and ask if it is possible for you to move in earlier. If not, the mentor can help you to find accommodation in a hostel for the time before you move into the dorm. The price of a shared room is approximately 500 PLN a month per person. The rent must be paid every month (till the 15thday of the month) to the dormitory bank account by bank transfer.


The deposit money (1000PLN) is taken by the dorms' administration at the beginning of your stay at the dorm and is given back at the end. However, if you cause any damages in the dorm, the administration can reduce the deposit given back by the costs of damages that were caused by this student.

Changing dorms

Unfortunately, the university does not change the assignments. There is a high number of students and changes to the dormitories cannot be done on every request, so please take it into consideration. Also, the unit responsible for room assignment is the dormitory’s administration, so SAO does not know who you will be sharing your room with. 

However, we always suggest the administration to mix people from different countries, so you can integrate better and practice English, so we just want you to be aware of that.